Pico 4 128GB VR (Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ XR2/128GB) 一體式VR頭戴式裝置 虛擬實境器


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Super light virtual reality headset with a weight of only 295 grams 128GB internal memory With 2160 x 2160 pixels per eye and a 105 degree field of view - 4K+ LCD display with modern pancake lenses and Full color mixed realitys Up to 3 hours of battery life, Innovative fitness app with calorie counter and performance tracker Standalone VR glasses - No PC required and can be used wirelessly - Integrated microphone and speaker 1. 海量VR大作暢玩,高效硬件與軟件結合帶來更暢快的體驗。 2. Pico 4 VR 一體機 分辨率突破 4K+,可視角度達到105°,可定制近視鏡片,滿足近視用戶需求,支持無極電動瞳距,保證更高的清晰度體驗,加入了空間音頻,體驗感更強 3. 實現裸手交互,續航方面,電池容量升級至5300mAh,擁有更長久的續航能力 4. 通過自研高精度四目環境追踪和紅外光學定位系統,實現亞毫米級定位精度,實現毫秒級追踪速度,實現更好的追踪定位效果 5. 通過HyperSense振感手柄可以感知 在50Hz-500Hz的振頻範圍,高度還原振感反饋,搭載全新pico OS 5.0系統,更加流暢高效 6. 結合內容生態方面具有的運動健身休閒遊戲,可通過佩戴體感追踪器更好的完成很多遊戲,可連續使用40小時,且內置運動監測信息,更好的看到自己的運動數據;可通過輕世界使用3D建模創建VR世界。 [NOTE TO CUSTOMER] Power Adaptor included in this product is for travelling use only 包裝內的電源只供海外旅遊使用


Production Description

Explore VR in a whole new way: TExtremely low weight, pancake lenses and full color exterior view, make the Pico 4 to a real innovation on the VR market. In terms of resolution, battery life and field of view, it also beats other popular competitor products. With excellent PC streaming and wireless usability, the new VR glasses from Pico ensure an immersive VR experience.

IPD Adjustability: Interpupillary distance Mechanically and continuously configurable. Supported Spectrum: 62 – 72 millimeters interpupillary distance.

Next-generation virtual reality fitness: Use the special Pico Fitness app with a calorie counter and performance tracker. The innovative Pico fitness tracker is able to record your calories and activities for all apps during your sessions if you wish, and is therefore an absolute first on the VR market.

Technical specifications:

  • CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor
  • 4K+ LCD display with pancake lenses
  • 2160 x 2160 resolution per eye
  • 105 degree field of view
  • RAM 8GB
  • Weight <300g
  • Battery life Up to 3 hours
  • 90Hz refresh rate
  • 5 integrated cameras for inside-out 6DoF tracking
  • Connections USB-C, Bluetooth 5.1, Wi-Fi 6
  • Audio Integrated speakers and microphone



  • PICO 4
  • 分辨率:4320×2160 (2160×2160每眼)
  • PPI像素密度:1200 PPI
  • 視角:105°
  • PPD角分辨率:20.6
  • 光學方案:Pancake
  • 眼鏡支持:支持佩戴眼鏡,支持配方鏡片
  • 瞳距調節:無級電動調節 62~72mm
  • 主機重量不含綁帶/電池:<300克
  • 運行内存:8GB
  • 佩戴體驗:硬質旋轉綁帶,磁吸式貼臉泡棉,依視路定制近視鏡片
  • 交互系統:6DoF空間定位,高清彩色透視,裸手交互
  • 手柄系統:紅外光學6DoF,寬頻綫性馬達
  • 外鏈内容:Wi-Fi無綫/USB有綫/PC VR 串流